Uganda Lodge Community Projects Raises £80,000 a year for The Development of marginalised Communities in Western Uganda.

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The Medical Centre hosts: a permanent nurse, a qualified Lab Technician and has regular visits regular visits from a local qualified doctor. It several roles within the community, including:

  • Basic primary care for villagers
  • Regular screening for the children in our own and nearby schools for the early signs of malaria and other life-threatening diseases
  • A First–Aid post – for passing traffic.
  • An ongoing vaccination programme for the villagers
  • Training to local health officers and trainee healthcare professionals from the surrounding area
  • Disease prevention and education addressing, amongst others, HIV/Aids and malaria
  • Regular Baby Clinics and Antenatal Check-ups

We can facilitate anyone who is fully qualified (nurses, midwives, doctors, dentists, opticians, lab technicians). We welcome volunteers of all ages, who have some medical experience, or just an interest as well as those wanting to experience Africa while doing their official Electives. You will get hands on experience.