Uganda Lodge Community Projects Raises £80,000 a year for The Development of marginalised Communities in Western Uganda.

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Medical Electives Help the local Community

The McNeil Medical Centre is a safe, friendly community to do your medical elective at -it’s in Rural Western Ugandan. It was funded by donations mainly from the UK, and finally opened early in 2014. We’re offering placements to students seeking medical electives abroad. Such students can get a good idea of what they may well be doing when they graduate, by shadowing in the nearby Ugandan Government Hospitals and at our centre. The developing world is excellent in showcasing innovative approaches to medicine in a different work and life cultures. Read the testimonial by a medical student. 

There are plenty and diverse volunteering opportunities from helping in the Medical Centre and Youth Work to building schools and boarding accomadation.

There is an admin fee of only £100, accommodation costs £175 a week. There are lower rates for extended stays, please talk to Ann or Denis about this, either in person or when you fill out this contact form.

Some of the Services We Perform

of eye tests performed!
of child immunisations performed
Treated at the small injury clinic

Experience of a Medical Elective

Feb 2018
Medical Elective

This video is made by a former medical elective and goes into some depth about here experiences at the McNeil Medical Centre.

Summer 2021

Working in a different and welcoming culture is an opportunity to get out of your shell, stretch your skillset, abilities and grow.

Key Employees

Director of Uganda Lodge
Community Projects

  • Mrs Ann McCarthy

Director of Stand on Your Own NGO

  • Mr Denis Aheirwe


Positive way to get training in areas current or past jobs didn’t provide.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child for a year in Education costing £120 or just pay £10 a month.